Hi! My name is Amanda, and I am the Nerdy Bookworm. This site is where I discuss what I am reading and my thoughts on the innumerable stacks of books sitting around my house. But first, let me introduce myself…

First and foremost, I am a Christian, which means that I am a sinner who has been snatched from the fires of condemnation by Grace through my Loving Savior, and it also means that I view everything I read through the lens of Scripture– What does God say about this topic?

I was raised Methodist, then attended a non-denominational church, followed by several home churches. I am now a Presbyterian, which means my bookshelves are full of great Presbyterian authors, from L.M. Montgomery and Grace Livingston Hill to Timothy Keller and Tullian Tchividjian.

I am a Millennial, which means I am a twenty-something.

I am from South Mississippi, which means I wear flip-flops year-round, eat biscuits and gravy, have a deep love for Southern fiction, and celebrate Robert E. Lee’s birthday.

Music is my fuel– it keeps me pumped! My dream playlist ranges from Elvis to Michael Jackson, from Taylor Swift to Owl City, from the von Trapps to The Civil Wars.

I am a born communicator, but a very shy person. I am the kind of girl who far prefers letters, emails, and texts to phone calls.

I am a caffeine addict. Starbucks? You bet ya. Coke? The quintessential Southern drink.

I enjoy a good movie. Roy Rogers? Definitely. The Sound of Music? It’s on. Pride and Prejudice? Yes. Anne of Green Gables? Pass the popcorn. Downton Abbey. Absolutely, yes. I love action-packed films, and if they make other people scream, even better. {Watching Jaws with someone I know is going to scream? #sorrynotsorry} My go-to shows, however, are usually medical or police procedurals, and I would be totally ok watching them every.single.day.

(Oh yeah, maybe I already do that.)

I am an unashamed bibliophile. That’s right! I’m the girl who could spend all day lost in a bookshop or library, is still hunting for a candle that smells like old books, and thinks stacks of books count as important decor.

I am a dreamer. I feel things deeply. I enjoy all things science. I love a good visit with a true kindred spirit. But most of all, I treasure a good, scintillating discussion about books with people who love them as much as I do.

So kick off your shoes, find a comfy chair, grab a good book, and let’s visit!


4 responses to “about

  1. OH i love ur about me 🙂 this is pretty cool. so what exactly do u do? do u read a book and give reviews?

  2. Hi, April! Yes, I read a book, and then write a review. I am just starting back after taking several weeks off for the end of summer, so I hope that you will come back and tell me what you think! Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  3. Dropped in from Twitter to see who the Nerdy Bookworm is (thanks for the follow). Lovely About, Amanda. ~Joyce (thistle @Godsfiningfire)

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