Three Years…

THREE YEARS. It is so hard to believe that I have been typing out my thoughts on my favorite things in the world (books) on this little blog for three years, as of this past Thursday. So much has changed in that time, even though it seems like it was just yesterday that I decided to give it a shot.

I know I haven’t been nearly as frequent around here in 2016, and haven’t even posted a review this year. But I love that there is a community of people who love books as much as I do, all over this great big world, and take the time to read my posts. Honestly, I love you guys.

School is going great, and I am loving it. And I am drinking way more coffee than I should. And I do most of my reading in textbooks these days.

But life is good, and so very precious.

This past Tuesday, a tornado blew through, and killed my neighbor, a sweet old man in his seventies, who loved music and animals, and drove a bright blue Nissan Sentra. We spent days picking up the remains of his house, his life, with our neighbors, friends, and church family. It is a very sobering activity.

Back in 2005, when Hurricane Katrina tore through our area, we had many tornados, including one that came through, tore the roof off a neighbors barn, sucked the end out of our trailer, and exploded another neighbors’ trailer all over our field. Cleaning it up was something I never wanted to do again. Not because it was hard work (it was, trust me), but because there are no words to describe the feeling of filling garbage bags with someones life- board games and puzzles, furniture, dishes.

And it happens so fast, in the blink of an eye. And none of us are immune.

So as we celebrate three years together in this little corner of the Web, let’s remember that every.single.moment. is incredibly precious, that could be our last, that every.single.word. could be the last we speak.

Life passes by in moments, large and small, so be careful. Don’t turn your back on someone you love, and don’t hurt those who are loyal to you. Never pass up a hug, and let those who have impacted your life know that you appreciate them.

Because when something is gone, it’s gone forever. You can’t get it back. And you will see that all you have is a memory.





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