February is for Laughter

Dear friends,

I know that you have heard for many years that February is for lovers. (Or is that Virginia?) But I have decided that in the midst of all the red and pink and Galentine’s Day celebrations, that we should honor the month of February as the month of laughter. Because who doesn’t need a little more laughter in their life? So in the midst of all the busy, take the time to find a good book or good comedy or good friend and laugh your freaking butt off. You will have a brighter outlook on life, and I guarantee that you will feel happier.


The Nerdy Bookworm

P.S.- Laughter is my drug of choice. Yes, even over caffeine. So if you need help finding something funny, I’m your girl. Seriously, I’m never without a comedy on my DVR, and I have a file of memes on my phone. And I love a good comedic book! If you’re looking for one, I can’t recommend Jim Gaffigan, the ultimate funny pale guy, enough. But Amy Poehler and Mindy Kaling will make you laugh until you cry, because they are awesome like that. Enjoy!


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