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Goodreads is always a Good Idea

It’s true. I honestly don’t know how I functioned without the Goodreads app to keep me organized and help me remember what I have read.

That’s not entirely true. I used to have a Word document that I updated every month with what I had read. But if your computer crashes before you print it out, it’s a frustrating mess (don’t ask me how I know).

The Goodreads is app is so much better. It allows you to keep up with everything you’re reading, and what page you are on, and what you read three years ago, and what you thought about it, all with the tap of a finger. Plus, it allows you to make a list of all the books you want to read. It really is a book lover’s dream!

You might remember that I had a post about Goodreads last year.

And I still feel the same way. So please, go download the Goodreads app. And if you would like, look me up- I am always open to good book suggestions!


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Challenge is a Good Thing

Have you ever tried a reading challenge? If not, I would like to encourage you to try one in 2016.

For several years now, I have set a goal for myself of how many books I would like to read in a given year. When I first started, my goal was 52, one for each week of the year. For the past couple of years, my goal was around 100, and while I haven’t hit that goal (yet!), I love the challenge.

Because even though we all love to read (I presume that is a safe assumption if you’re visiting a site titled The Nerdy Bookworm), sometimes we get into a rut. Sometimes its simply because you are stuck in a dry¬†books, or have grown weary of a particular title.

But in 2016, I want to encourage you to set a goal for your year. It doesn’t have to be large, it can be 6 or 12.

And if you need a guideline to help you stay on track, you should check out Tim Challies’ Reading Challenge Guide. I think it is a wonderful tool!

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New Year, Fresh Start

Dear friends, it’s 2016! As hard as it is to believe that it’s a new year, it’s even harder to wrap my mind around all that happened in 2015. It was a wonderful year, and I’m so glad I got to spend it with you.

And I look forward to sharing 2016 with you, too!

But 2016 is going to look a bit different around here. I am cutting back considerably on the number of reviews I will be posting, which makes me sad, but it is for a very good reason. I am going back to school!

In just a few short weeks I will embark on a new journey, a fresh start. And I cannot wait to learn about all sorts of things, and I dearly hope that you’ll stick around for my occasional updates.

Here’s to a 2016 full to overflowing with joy and laughter and many, many books!

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