Embrace Fun


the pale little pumpkin grew up to be the nerdy bookworm!

Happy Halloween, y’all!

I hope you have enjoyed your October as much as I have. It’s hard to believe it is coming to a close, and that we are diving head-first into the holiday season. 

I want to leave you with this- Embrace Fun! 

Sometimes it’s good to see life through the eyes of a three year old, reminding us that life is about so much more than bills and deadlines and appointments and to-do lists. 

The whole world is open to us. But sometimes we get locked in our heads and bound by the opinions of others, and we no longer see the sparkles and glitter of life, the paths we can pursue, the dreams we can dream, the fun we can embrace!

I think that’s why I have come to enjoy Halloween so much. It’s about more than abundant candy and frappula and black cats. (but who am I kidding? All of those are awesome!)

It’s so much fun. And for one night, we all become like children, seeing the world as it really is: wide and open to us. We can be or do anything. 


captain jack sparrow has never looked better


I hope you never forget that life is beautiful, but most of all, I hope you take time to embrace fun. Maybe your fun looks different than mine, and that’s ok. Just find what makes your heart sing, and make time for it. 

Now go eat some candy!

My song of the day- Monster Mash 


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