Embrace your Quirks 

We all have quirks, little things that make us weird and different. But we have the choice to disguise our quirks, or own them. 

Embrace them, my friends! They are part of you, and are part of what makes you unique. 

Some will tell you it’s best to strive to be normal (who determines what that is, anyway?), to follow the crowd. But imagine a monochromatic world, where everyone is the same. Sounds like a dystopian novel, right?

Thankfully, God created a world filled with color and diversity, and that means we are free to embrace our unique passions, and blaze our own trails. 

Even Ed Sheeran says it: Embrace your Quirks. Or as Taylor Swift puts it- “If you’’re lucky enough to be different, don’’t ever change.”

Our only requirement is that wherever we are, we be all there, doing all to the glory of God!

My song of the day- Fight Song by Rachel Platten


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