Embrace your Tribe 

I remember the first time I read Jeff Goins’ post on finding your tribe. It gave me an itch to find my tribe, my people. 

I think, in a sense, that is why I love researching my ancestry. I love finding out about where I came from, and it is so amazing to hear stories and feel a connection to someone you’ve never met!

In the past year I have begun to find and embrace my tribe, the group of people who get me, and and are willing to venture down the path of life with me, despite my idiosyncrasies and quirks and flaws. 

My tribe is spread out over the globe, and none of us are exactly alike- we have a diverse range of beliefs and opinions, but we see the Sparks of similarity, and enjoy the camaraderie we share.

The thing I’ve discovered about finding your tribe is this: don’t take yourself too seriously, and don’t try to be someone you aren’t. Your tribe, the people who matter, won’t mind if you’re weird, they will love you for it, and have your back. 

Your tribe will be there to laugh with you, go to concerts with you, share your pain, recommend good books and booze, and a million other crazy wonderful things. So here’s to finding the ragtag band of perfectly imperfect folks who will do life with you!


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