Embrace Goodbye 

Saying goodbye is one of the most difficult parts of life. 

And the hardest goodbyes are the ones that take us by surprise. 

Death, breakups, divorce, shattered relationships. God did not design us to say goodbye, y’all. 

But that doesn’t change the fact that each and everyone of us experiences it. The good news is that we never have to experience these painful, messy goodbyes alone- our Savior walks with us through every moment. 

And sometimes goodbye is actually the best thing that could happen to us. 

Sometimes it takes a dark night of the soul for us to see the light. Sometimes it takes a rainy season for us to appreciate the sun. Sometimes it takes what we hold dear turning to dust for us to recognize what is truly worthwhile. 

As you say goodbye, remember that you’re freeing yourself to say hello. Don’t let others drag you down, just shake it off and move forward- there is a glorious dawn awaiting. 

My song of the day- Clean by Taylor Swift 


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