Embrace Humanity 

Today I was aware of my humanity. I overslept, woke up with a headache, with a cough that lingers on. 

In other words, I felt like crap. 

Today I had the choice to make the most of my day, and I have to admit I didn’t handle it well. I whined when I should have been thankful to be alive. 

But today was a good day, anyway. I spent the day in my pjs, enjoyed the rain, and watched TV. 

I’m not perfect, none of us are. We all have days that suck, but the good news is this: tomorrow is new! So cast off the dreamy ideals of perfection and live today to the fullest. 

Embrace the fact that you are human. 

Yes, life is messy. But it’s also a masterpiece. And each of us has a journey all our own. 

Sometimes the journey isn’t glamorous, or what we thought it would be. But I’m learning that is ok. 

My friend Micah has been bleeding ink this month on what it means to “become human”. It has been incredibly therapeutic to read his posts, and know that I’m not alone on this journey, this adventure to discover myself, to be comfortable in my skin. I love this bit from his very first post in the series:

We are creatures, all skin and blood and bones and breath. We live on a planet of mud and grass and soft wind and blue sky and crushingly cold winters. But we got all cocky when we stood up and learned to walk on just two feet, and we too often forget what it means to be a human creature, existing in this beautiful, terrible universe we’ve been given. Learning to be a human, then, is mostly unlearning.

The unlearning is slow, hard, painful. But it is in this unlearning, this transforming, this embracing of our humanity that God works, shaping us each day to be more like Him. 

I don’t know what your day was like. Maybe it was more church and baking rather than TV and Taylor Swift. But whatever you were doing, I hope you were fully embracing your humanity- the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the pleasant, and the painful. 


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