Embrace the Challenge 

One of my favorite parts of any vacation is picking the stack of books to take with me (always too many) and reading them. 

One of the books I’ve been reading is Elizabeth Camden’s Against the Tide. (Review to come once I’m not sick and vacationing!) I thoroughly enjoyed it, and towards the end of the book, a statement stood out to me. 

She did not know what her future held, but she was ready to embrace the challenge. 

Perhaps it is because I’ve been focusing on learning to embrace these past few weeks. Or perhaps because I sometimes feel overwhelmed by wondering what my future will be like, but the statement resonated with me. 

I want that outlook to be my outlook. 

I want to embrace the future, the challenges, the unknown. I refuse to be silenced, or stifled, held back, or ignored. I may have limitations I cannot change (don’t all of us?), but I will not let them define me. 

Maybe that’s why when I went by the Tervis store yesterday, I chose this tumbler to take home. 

It reminds me of more than my desire to visit the Smithsonian. It reminds me that I can do anything to the glory of God that I want-there are no limitations! There is no battle too daunting, no challenge too big,  I just have to get out of my head and go for it. 

My song of the day: Knee Deep by Zac Brown Band 


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