Embrace Now 

  I just came in from hearing the waves crash upon the shore. There are few sounds as beautiful as that. 

And it is easy to embrace the beautiful, fun things in life, like  Shawn Mendes concerts concerts and kittens and road trips. 

But it’s much harder to embrace the now when it isn’t quite so rosy. When you’re good days don’t feel so great, when your best friends betray you, when everything you believe turns out to be more twisted than truth, when you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. That’s when it is hard to keep going, to keep believing, to find the joy. 

But never give up, never lose heart. Because here is not where your story ends. This is not the end of the song, it’s simply the beginning of a new verse. Now is not forever, but it’s for a reason. 

And no matter how difficult your days or nights are, always remember you are not the only one. 

I cannot tell you how many times I have felt like my heart was breaking, or like I am alone, or like I am never going to be well, and it is in that moment that I get a note in the mail from a pen pal, or a sweet Facebook message from a friend, or read about another friend’s search for healing. 

And in those moments I am reminded that my darkest moments are not my end, that I am not alone on this incredible journey called life, and I am blessed to have a wide, wonderful group of people who help me towards a better future and brighter day. 

So embrace now, it is beautiful in a unique way. 

My song of the day: Something Big by Shawn Mendes 


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