Embrace the Unexpected 

When our October 1 Market Bulletin came in the mail, I read over the state fair schedule. And there, in the middle of pig races, and the biscuit booth, and 4-H livestock shows, it said something that took me by surprise: Shawn Mendes was performing October 14. 

Yes, the Shawn Mendes that sings “Life of the Party” and “Stitches” and is currently opening for Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour. 

So I did what every sane and responsibile 23 year old does- I convinced my mom to drive two hours each way with me to go see Shawn Mendes on a weeknight, knowing full well that I wouldn’t be home until almost 11, and have to get up at 5 the next morning to go to work. 

But let me tell you, while I know I’m going to desperately need coffee in the morning,  it was so worth it! Shawn Mendes put on a great show and I enjoyed every second. 

What is so surprising isn’t that he is a great performer, or that I talked my mom into going with me (because she’s cool like that), but that it was all so unexpected and spontaneous! 

I want to encourage you to grab someone and do something spontaneous. Maybe it isn’t rearranging your schedule to make  a concert several hours away. But there are a million ways to be spontaneous- invite a friend over for supper, or go to the movies, or whip up a dessert, anything. 

Some of the best moments come when you least anticipate them. 

My Song of the Day: A Little Too Much- Shawn Mendes 

P.S. – fair food may be terrible for you, but it’s so good. 



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