Embrace Fearlessness 

Taylor Swift’s album, Fearless was the first album of hers that I owned. Not only do I remember vividly the first (and second and third) time I heard her song Love Story, I remember her description of the word fearless

It inspired me, encouraged me, and changed me. (I won’t quote it all here, just trust me when I say go buy her Fearless album if you don’t have it. But who am I kidding? All her albums are wonderful, and have impacted me so much.)

Fearless is my One Word of the Year. And it may be October, but I can tell you, it isn’t easy to be fearless, much less embrace it! 

We all have fears, that’s just the cold hard truth. But we don’t have to allow those fears to rule our lives. We can choose to shake it off and march to the best of our own drum. 

I know what it’s like to live your life consumed by the concern of pleasing others, burdened by weights we weren’t designed to carry, tormenting yourself by worrying you aren’t trying hard enough. 

Know this: you are enough. 

Yes, you

Warts, insecurities, failings, fears, and all. Just don’t let your fears hold you back from the life you were created to live, the path you were destined to pursue. 

Face your fears and overcome. Because that is true fearlessness. 

My Song of the Day: Try- Colbie Caillat


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