Embrace Laughter 


I hope your Sunday  was  filled to overflowing with worship, rest, family, and laughter. 

Laughter is important to me, I feel like it’s in my DNA. And not only do I laugh a lot, I enjoy laughing, and believe it is a gift from God! 

Perhaps I sometimes laugh too much, or too loudly, or at inappropriate times, but that’s just who I am, and I’m going to roll with it. 

So find something everyday that makes you laugh, whether that’s The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, or comic strips, or games with friends, or a comedy. It will brighten your day, and lift your spirits!

P.S.- if you’re looking to go see a good comedy, I went with a cousin to see The Intern this afternoon. It was hilarious, touching, and had a beautiful storyline, plus who doesn’t love Anne Hathaway?! I laughed until I cried (several times). The moral of the story: GO. SEE. THE. INTERN. 


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