Embrace the Unknown 


courtesy of handletteringcite.wordpress.com

The unknown can be frightening. Primarily because it usually brings change. 

The Great Unknown is intimidating because it is unknown.

 Will they accept me? Will I pass the exam? Will I get the job? Will I be successful? These questions (and more) loom large in our hearts and minds, and knot up our stomachs and get stuck in our throats. 

But I’m learning, slowly, that the unknown isn’t always bad. Sometimes it is inconceivably beautiful! 

And I’m learning that the unknown, these questions swirling about in my brain, they are temporary, they change me, and they are always, always, always for my good. 

Maybe it just feels like confusion and darkness and fear right now, but it’s all a part of the divine pilgrimage of life, a tool in my sanctification. 

Remember  this: you. are. not. alone. 

Every single one of us faces the unknown. Your unknown probably looks very different than mine, but that’s not what matters. What matters is that we don’t allow our fear of the unknown to hold us back, to steal our joy, to silence our voice. 

Hold your head up, and keep seeing what the unknown holds. Because everything is going to be ok. 

My Song of the Day: Gonna Be Ok- The Band Perry


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