Embrace Pain 


courtesy of you-aremysunshine.tumblr.com

Sounds crazy, I know. You’re probably thinking I’ve gone nutty, or wondering if I’m struggling that much just six days into #31DaysToEmbrace. 

But I’m serious. 

Sometimes learning to accept the pain of life is the first step to healing, because the hurt we carry in our hearts only drags us down. 

Pain can be a very good thing. It lets us know two things: we are alive, and something is wrong. The key is to no wallow in the pain, but to walk through it. 

Yes, it is difficult. Yes, it hurts like heck. Yes, it changes you. But know this- you. will. survive. 

So when your best friends betray you, forget you, ignore you, leave you out, know that there is One who knows your pain, and is with you. Always. 

Rest in the knowledge that He will never leave you, never forsake you, never replace you, never forget you, never ignore you. He hears your every prayer, sees your despair, and collects your tears.

Don’t be afraid of the pain. Yes, it sucks. But it eases with time, and if you only learn that He is with you, and to love people more, isn’t it worth it?

Maybe it takes bleeding ink to soothe your soul. Or maybe Friends is your healing balm- I totally get that. It’s just so real! 


Can I just say, Preach, Rach!

So move forward, there are better things ahead. Sometimes the pain spurs us on to greater things, things we couldn’t have dreamed. Keep your chin up, and keep on believing. 

My song of the day: Keep Your Head Up- Andy Grammer 


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