Embrace Community 

Never underestimate the importance and beauty of community. 

Never shut people out when you can let them in. 

Community is a group of people with something in common, growing together. Your community will look different than mine. 

For me, community is gathering with a group of folks from my church one night each month, and eating good food, and having good talks, and opening the Good Book together. It’s where laughter, and hugs, and book recommendations flow freely, and age, or gender, or socioeconomic background doesn’t matter. 

I hope each of you finds a community to grow in, to flourish in, to be in. Because it’s a truly special gift. 

My song of the day: Live Forever- The Band Perry


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  1. Yes! Community is so important. It’s easy to remember all those times we’ve been hurt and to shy away, but connecting with others ends up teaching and helping so much more. I love my offline circles of community, and I’m starting to really enjoy trying to find my tribe online, too.

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