Embrace the Moment

courtesy of weheartit.com

It is Saturday, day three of #31DaysToEmbrace, and I’m laying in bed with our cat, Jane. It has been a lovely day. 

We have been having the most wonderful weather the past few days– 60s, so rare, but so delightful! 

Today I have baked, and planned, and read, and laughed, and really enjoyed life. We go through life, thinking it is all about being accepted, or successful, or wealthy, or popular, or whatever our hearts and those around are spouting at the moment. 

But it’s all a lie. Sure, there is nothing wrong with being any or all of those things, but they will never satisfy our hearts. Only Christ can make us whole, complete. 

And by slowing down, and enjoying the little things, the moments that slip by so quickly, quietly, unnoticed, we honor the One who sends them. 

Take the time to see the marvelous in the moments. Smile from the heart, and laugh freely, even if it’s just at Grandfathered or Parks and Rec (seriously, though, Amy Poehler is a hoot, ya’ll). 

My song of the day: Everything is Yours- Audrey Assad

P. S. – Today I tried my first Not Your Father’s Root Beer. Oh, my. So good! If it’s available in your area, go and get you a six pack. 



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