Review of “Not Just on Sundays”


Image courtesy of Bonnie Lyn Smith

When I first got an email from Bonnie Smith asking me to review her book, Not Just On SundaysI was excited. Not simply because I enjoy reading and reviewing books, but because she sounded like such a kindred spirit.

When Not Just On Sunday arrived a few weeks later, the subtitle excited me: “Seeking God’s Purpose in Each New Day”. Yes! That sounds like what I desire to do with my life!

Not Just On Sunday might appear daunting with 312 pages, but don’t let that intimidate you. Filled with Scripture, and reflections on faith and life drawn from Bonnie’s personal journey, you will laugh, cry, and be refreshed.

Simply written, Not Just On Sunday is an easy read, and I felt as though I was reading Bonnie’s journal, or sitting with her in a coffee shop discussing what God is teaching her through daily life. With a strong emphasis on Grace, Bonnie reminds readers that God works in all things, even the seemingly insignificant or painful experiences of everyday life.

I would highly recommend Not Just On Sunday, particularly to those who are struggling in a difficult relationship, or merely need a pick-me-up. Not Just On Sunday will be a shot of espresso for your soul! I would give Not Just On Sunday a “B+” and I look forward to reading more of Bonnie Smith’s writing in the future.

Find out more about Bonnie Lyn Smith hereNot Just On Sunday is available from and Barnes and Nobles.



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2 responses to “Review of “Not Just on Sundays”

  1. Thank you for such a kind review! I’m so thankful to you for your willingness to read #NotJustonSundays! Blessings! I really appreciate you!

  2. Reblogged this on ☕ Espressos of Faith ☕ and commented:
    I’m very honored that a new review was written for “Not Just on Sundays: Seeking God’s Purpose in Each New Day”! Thank you to Amanda at “The Nerdy Bookworm” for your lovely description and for so beautifully capturing the heart behind this project. Amanda’s book reviews are a great place to check before you start your summer reading. I enjoy receiving her reviews emailed directly to me.

    For more reviews of NJOS, feel free to check out the page.

    Bonnie Lyn Smith

    Blessings to my “Espressos of Faith” readers for letting me hone my craft and share my heart lessons so intimately with you on such a regular basis.

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