Review of “Your Beautiful Heart”


In 2011, Lauren Scruggs Kennedy‘s life was forever changed when she collided with a plane propellor. Through that accident,  Lauren was given a platform to share her faith, and gain recognition for her work, much like her friend, Bethany Hamilton.

I had heard Lauren’s story before, but when I recently saw her new book, Your Beautiful Heart on sale at my local Lifeway store, I decided to get it. (Am I the only one who has difficulty passing up a book that is 50% off?)

Your Beautiful Heart is a collection of 31 reflections, drawn from Lauren’s personal experiences, coupled with Scripture. Ideal for Bible study groups, or personal devotions, Your Beautiful Heart has questions for discussion  at the end of each chapter. Discussing everything from addictions and appearance to forgiveness and careers, Your Beautiful Heart would be enjoyable and beneficial for women of all stages of life, but particularly those in their teens and twenties.

I was deeply impacted by Your Beautiful Heart, and while I laughed at parts, I found it relevant, yet firmly rooted in Scripture. Those who appreciate the work of Timothy Keller and Tullian Tchividjian will recognize their influence on Your Beautiful Heart.

I would highly recommend Your Beautiful Heart, and would give the book an “A”.

You can learn more about Lauren’s first book, Still Lolo, here. You can learn more about LOLO Magazine here.


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