Review of “What is Grace?”


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There are some words that we haphazardly use, or at least use quite often without giving a thought to their meaning. Grace is one of those words.

In What is Grace? Sean Michael Lucas examines “grace” through the lens of Scripture, bringing clarity both to what grace means, and what it means for us. 

A small, yet immensely helpful little book, What is Grace? walks readers through Scripture, giving both perspective, and further understanding, as we more clearly see the greatness of God, and the sinfulness of man.

I would highly recommend What is Grace? to anyone who would like to better understand the Scriptural meaning of Grace, and how Grace impacts our relationship with God. I would give What is Grace? an “A”.


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One response to “Review of “What is Grace?”

  1. I consider grace one of those words that is hard to define sometimes. This does sound like it would be a helpful read!

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