Recommended for Readers: BOOK IT! Program


I was blessed to grow up in a family that valued books and reading, and if it wasn’t for my Mamma, who read to me from before I was born, and encouraged me to read far above my reading level, I probably wouldn’t be blogging about books today.

My parents went out of their way to encourage me to read, from taking me on frequent trips to the library, making me give oral book reports (Mamma might regret that one now– I never shut up about books!), assigning me books to read (I didn’t think I would ever finish Little Women as a ten year old!), and finding programs that I could be involved in that would encourage me to read, learn, and think for myself.

One of my favorite reading programs as a child was the BOOK IT! program sponsored by Pizza Hut. Simple, yet rewarding, parents or teachers set a reading goal, and for every month the child reaches the goal during the school year, they receive a free personal pan pizza!

The BOOK IT! program is now easier than ever to use, by allowing books to be tracked on your smartphone in the BOOK IT! app. You can find out more about the BOOK IT! Program here.

Let’s encourage the next generation to be readers. Happy reading, friends!


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