Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

2014 is now a thing of the past. Isn’t that odd to say? It is so hard to believe it is 2015 already. So hard to believe we have entered a new year, a new chapter, filled with new dreams, hopes, and goals.

Back in 2013, I ditched Resolutions (do those work for anyone?) and started embracing my one word for the year. For me, 2013 was the year of Joy, 2014 was the year of Brave. This year, my word is Fearless.

Don’t worry, I don’t have the illusion that by next January I will have no fears. The opposite, actually. Fears, anxieties, those are a part of life, they are inescapable, but what power do we allow them to wield over our lives?

For me, this year, my goal is to continue to accept who I am, and rest in the fact that who I am is okay. I don’t have to be just like everyone else, I can march to the beat of my own drum, chase after my own dreams, because my purpose in life isn’t to fit in and be like everyone else– it is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. And how can I do that if I hate myself?

My 2014 was full of challenges, growth, laughter, books, and music, and I wanted to share some of the highlights of it with you. So here is the top fourteen books I read in 2014:

  1. The Sacred Year
  2. Made for More
  3. Every Bitter Thing is Sweet
  4. Let’s All Be Brave
  5. Good News for Weary Women
  6. The Invention of Wings
  7. Packing Light
  8. Saving Amelie
  9. Balancing it All
  10. Homemade Decadence
  11. Bones Never Lie
  12. Unlocked
  13. When We Were on Fire
  14. Girl at the End of the World

Every year needs a soundtrack, right? Every year, I have songs that really resonate for me, or that I just really fall in love with, and these are the fourteen songs that have been favorites this year:

  1. Brave
  2. 22
  3. Better Than This
  4. Best Song Ever
  5. I Almost Do
  6. Candle in the Wind
  7. Human
  8. Invisible
  9. Burning Gold
  10. Clean
  11. Blank Space
  12. Title
  13. Thinking Out Loud
  14. Let it Go

2014 was an incredible year for me, and I am so glad to have been able to share part of it with all of you! Here’s to 2015– may it be our best year yet.

What were your favorite things about 2014? I want to hear from you!


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