Review of “Made for More”


A few months ago, a friend shared a blog post on Facebook about Girls, Education, and the Gospel. I clicked on the link, and was introduced to the world of Hannah Anderson- pastor’s wife, mom, and blogger at Sometimes a Light.

Oh, and she is an author, too.

Her book, Made for More is broken into three parts: From Him, Through Him, and To Him, with each part working together to create a needed and beautiful view of how we are created in God’s image, and how that relates particularly to women.

A survey of theological anthropology, Made for More is refreshing, in that it isn’t all about how women are supposed to relate to men. Rather, it is about how women, and really all of us, are created to relate to God! Encouraging women to stop identifying themselves in relation to other people, jobs, or education, Made for More points women to their Savior, and to their true identity in Him.

Overall, I found Made for More to be an easy, yet excellent, read, and would highly recommend it, not only to women, but to anyone who is struggling to be comfortable in their own skin, or with the question Who am I? 

I would give Made for More an “A”.

If you would like to read Wendy Alsup’s review, you can find it here. If you would like to get your own copy, it is available here.


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