It’s Saturday

Image Credit: YouAreMyHappyShop

It has been a beautiful, productive day for me, and I hope you are having a delightful weekend, too.

I thought that Faith Au Yeung brought some great insight into the discussion on cancer and Christianity. We live in a fallen world where cancer is not new, but we as Christians have the confidence that what is not healed on earth, will be in Heaven.

I think we all agree that education in the U.S. leaves a lot to be desired, but I was absolutely shocked to find out that only one in four fourth grade girls in Mississippi can read at their grade level or above! What surprised me even more is that the national average is only 37%. But then, Mississippi just spent $1.1 million for computerized testing “to measure if [kindergarten] students have acquired the skills that are the building blocks of literacy, such as knowing the alphabet, recognizing their own name, or even being able to hold a book right side up”.

I’ll bid you goodnight with this nice tidbit of Mississippi news: Liam Hemsworth and Woody Harrelson are filming a new movie here!

P.S.- I’ll try not to talk so much about Mississippi tomorrow.


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