Saturday Musings

This afternoon, I’ve been curled up watching Food Network. Perhaps not the best idea when you can’t eat anything but sherbet, jello, and pudding!

One of the best things about being sick has been that I have had extra reading time.

So, here is some of what I’ve been reading lately…

A Georgia gardener had his okra patch raided. Can you say embarrassing?!

What some consider essential to stopping the Ebola virus outbreak might surprise you.

Did you know that the remains of Alexander the Great’s father have been identified? Pretty interesting.

Books vs. e-readers? Science weighs in with some new insight.
Ok, so I’m not spending all my time reading…

These cats will bring a smile to your face, without a doubt.

If you haven’t seen these incredible, edible Jack o’ Lanterns, you need to check them out. So cute!

Yesterday, Mamma and I watched this wonderful movie. If you enjoyed Yours, Mine, and Ours or Cheaper By The Dozen, I think you will find it touching.

That’s all for now friends. I hope you weekend is beautiful!


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