Bookshops, Bravery, Broccoli, and other random thoughts


These bookshops are incredible, are they not? Definitely going on my bucket list.

And this article by Shauna Niequist is just beautiful. What can I say? She talks about bravery and cats in the same post.

A must-read post on evaluating how we interact with others, and how we share ourselves with those around us: “I hate to break it to the purity-ring-wearing-I-Kissed-Dating-Goodbye-reading crowd (which I say with gentleness as I was once both of these), but guarding your heart is not a magic formula to avoid heartbreak. If we love any sinful person, no matter how wonderful, they will hurt us at some point in some way.”

Did you know that one cup of Broccoli has as much vitamin C as an orange? I sure didn’t!

And I find it beautiful that one woman turned her passion to help empower and educate young women into a marketable business, because every time you make a choice, it affects her, too.

And on that note, good night, friends.


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