Happy Monday


When you wake up with an earache, and it just gets worse, until you feel like doing nothing but curling up in bed with a bowl of soup, box of kleenex, and essential oils, and watching TV? That was my day.

I have just a few random links for you today, but I hope you had a happy Monday, filled with the good things in life, whether that was traveling or a bowl of soup.

This is absolutely incredible. What a beautiful reminder of the amazing creativity of our God! {A word of caution: if you think the only good bug is a dead bug, you might not appreciate this video.}

I am hooked on Dancing With The Stars, and tonight might be my favorite yet. I was moved to tears several times, and let me tell you, sore throat + earache + crying is just a bad combination, but the show was so good! 

If you missed the show, tonight’s performances aren’t available online yet, but be sure to catch last week’s best performances, especially those by Sadie, Bethany, and Janel. If you did catch tonight’s performances, be sure to vote for favorites! #teamquackattack #quackpack #keepsadiedancing


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