Beautiful Saturday


I just want to tell you… TODAY WAS INCREDIBLE.

I know I just yelled at you. #sorrynotsorry

Today was beyond beautiful. It was absolutely gorgeous, and it felt so good. Who doesn’t enjoy crisp, windy days where the temperatures are in the 60’s?!

And to top it off, I went to one of my favorite events of the year, a book sale a local library hosts every October.

I may not be the most organized or frugal person in the world, but I’ve been told I can pack a mean box of books when there is a good deal to be had, and I’m pretty sure angels were singing when I left the sale with all my spoils.

It was so exciting to find so many great deals, I just wish I had thought to snap a picture of my boxes (yes, that is intentionally plural) before I unpacked them!

As I was telling someone this morning, some people adopt dogs. Me? I adopt books. And cats.

Please don’t judge.

I have to admit, though, by the time afternoon rolled around, I was feeling a bit anxious, due to the fact that I had something to do that I was dreading. And then I stopped by the Post Office on my way home, and I was reminded once again of the beauty of God’s Grace, of His knowing me far better than I even know myself.

Because there waiting on me was a sweet note that I needed.

And unbeknownst to the writer, there were comments in that note that were a balm to my weary, worried soul, a perfectly-timed reminder of the fact that I have a marvelous Saviour who loves me, despite all my quirks and unique idiosyncrasies, who chose me, and is working in me, each moment of every day. 

Today was one more small reminder to me of how important it is to let others know we care, whether we give them a hug, buy them a coffee, or send them a note. Believe me, it matters more than you could ever imagine.

Before I go, let me share with you a song that I absolutely love, and be sure to watch the video! It is really powerful, and really? Polaroid pictures. Happy Saturday, friends. I hope your day was as wonderful as you are.


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