Be Brave… and other random thoughts


For the past two years I haven’t had New Year Resolutions. Instead, I have chosen one word for my year.

2013 was my year of Joy, where my focus was centered on learning to see the joy that surrounds me everyday, right where I am. {Want to do what I did? This is an incredible tool.} 2014 has been the year where I have focused on being brave.

Let me tell you, for someone who has an incredible compulsion to please everyone,

But as I have been taking baby steps each day to embracing who God created me to be, rather than daily trying to squish myself into who I think everyone else wants me to be, I have found it to be liberating. Because God made me, me. 

So I am a girl who likes blue better than pink? That’s okay. I am a girl who likes jeans better than skirts? That’s okay. I am a girl that enjoys science and hates diagraming sentences? That’s okay. 

I am coming to realize that when I try to recreate myself into who I think I should be, I am doing two things: first, I am telling God that who He made me is not good enough (Genesis 1:31), and second, I am not fulfilling my God-given purpose in life, namely, to glorify and enjoy God forever.

God designed each of us, creating us with our unique capabilities, passions, and dreams, which no one can take away from us. Except ourselves. 

Let’s be brave together, friends.

Before I sign off for the night, I want to share a few things with you! Here is the 31 Day series I am reading this month, and if you need a little reminder that you matter for His Glory, and if you need a laugh + boost this should be perfect.


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