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Gluten, Red Dye, and Iceland

Hello, friends! I hope you all had a delightful day!

I know everyone has different opinions on food coloring, but this is absolutely incredible. Our God is amazing!

As someone with severe allergies to both inhalants and foods, I understand the challenges that come along with allergies, but I also get frustrated with the current “fad sensitivity” to gluten. Since when is a health issue considered trendy?

I found this article on fads in homeschooling to be fascinating.

As you all know, I’ve been rooting for Sadie Robertson on Dancing With The Stars, and her new book is on my wish list! What books are you looking forward to reading?

I so enjoyed looking through these gorgeous images of Iceland tonight, and I think you will, too. Sweet dreams, friends!


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Happy National Cat Day!


Today is National Cat Day, and to celebrate, I thought I would share with you my favorite cat finds!

You’re sure to have sweet dreams in these awesome jammies!

This is a purr-fect mug for morning coffee, don’t you think?

My favorite author of cat stories is James Herriot, hands down. I am particularly fond of the stories of Moses, and The Christmas Day Kitten.

And if you want to watch a good movie featuring cats, I recommend Aristocats (Everybody wants to be a cat!) and That Darn Cat (Cat + Mystery + Hayley Mills = Perfection).

I want to hear your favorite stories about your cats, so leave a comment or contact me with it! I hope you have had a wonderful day filled with cats! Good night, friends.

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1989 and other Monday things

If you have spent any amount of time around me, you most likely know that Taylor Swift is my favorite singer-songwriter. Like ever.

For the past two years, Red has been a constant companion of mine, constantly being transferred between my car and CD player. And while I listen to a wide variety of music (thanks, Mamma!)

Taylor Swift is one of the artists who I return to over and over again, and I continue to love her early work as much as her current work (I have every album she has released, and they reside in a special place of honor).

I was relatively late to the Taylor Swift movement, becoming a fan at the end of the Fearless era, but I remember vividly the first time I heard her song, Love Story.

For the past five years, the music of Taylor Swift has been a huge part of the soundtrack of my life, and I was so happy to get her new album, 1989 today!

Taylor Swift has kept her word. No two of her albums are alike, yet they are. (Does that make sense? I hope so.) And you need to get to your nearest Target and get a copy. Be sure to get the Deluxe edition, it is worth the extra few dollars. And it is on sale!

As for that shameless plug for 1989, #sorrynotsorry.

Tonight was Dancing With The Stars, and Sadie was wonderful! She, Alfonso, and Bethany are still my favorites. But Sadie needs your votes. Even though she finished at third on the leaderboard last week, Sadie was in jeopardy this week due to low votes.

You probably are familiar with selfies, but have you heard about “shelfies”? I would love to see your shelfies!

With that, I better say goodnight!

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Review of “Beyond Bath Time”

In Beyond Bath Time, Erin Davis attempts to encourage Christian mothers to embrace their role as a gift, as a blessing, as an opportunity to bring the Gospel to an unreached people group– their children.

Davis reminds mothers in Beyond Bath Time that ‘mothering’ is a learned art, that contentment blossoms when you understand and embrace your purpose in life, that pregnancy is not a disease, and that ultimately, work, marriage, and children will not make us happy, because we were created to glorify God, not man.

But while Beyond Bath Time is a confessional, deeply honest glimpse into motherhood and the Christian life, I cannot say that I agree completely with all that Davis purports in the book. Specifically, I fear that her emphasis on the fact that motherhood is a sacred, high, and holy calling (which it is!) can be detrimental if we do not also remember that motherhood is not more or less sacred than any other calling. God uses mothers in a mighty way for His Kingdom, but He also uses dentists, teachers, factory workers, nurses, painters, and musicians. Every Christian has been called to a high, holy, and sacred calling– to follow Him, make disciples, and be transformed into His Image! I also found Davis’ understanding of feminism to be shallow and misleading.

Overall, however, I believe that Christian mothers will find Beyond Bath Time to be a helpful and encouraging little book. I would give the book a “C”.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the Moody Publishers Blogger Review Program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 .

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Cathedrals, Shoes, and Water

Happy Saturday!

If you are wanting something sweet this weekend, I would recommend these White Chocolate Pumpkin Snickerdoodles. They are very good!

Have you heard of shoe anthropology? Pretty interesting.

The water wheel is changing the lives of women across India. I applaud Wello for their work!

This article from Christianity Today on cathedrals has some interesting facts and beautiful images.

Have a great weekend, friends!

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Cats, Cookies, and other things

I hope you all had a wonderful Friday!

I love cats, and I am in love with this bag.

You might be surprised by what the gladiators ate. (I was!) And this
article on the relationship of Christianity and anthropology was quite interesting.

I am hoping to make these cookies tomorrow. Don’t they sound good?!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Thursday Thoughts


Image credit: Duo Paradigms

One of the movies I enjoyed watching with my Grandma when I was growing up, and one of the few movies we watched that wasn’t Disney, was The Wizard of Oz. If you, too, have enjoyed the film (or book), you will enjoy seeing this corn maze!

Some of you probably read the recent article from The Christian Post on Kirk Cameron’s views on Halloween and Christmas. This is the best follow up article I’ve seen.

And if you decide to eat or hand out any candy this holiday season, this comparison list might be helpful.

We are just a few days away from the release of Taylor Swift’s new album, 1989, and I thought this was humorous.

Today was a beautiful day, and my Mamma and I spent the day rearranging furniture and cleaning out. I hope you all had a wonderful day, as well!

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