Review of “Good News for Weary Women”

I’m writing today from Memphis, sipping on coffee as I overlook a busy street, watching doctors walking by to the hospital across the street. Would you consider lifting a prayer for my uncle and his family today? Thanks, friends.

Last year I read Elyse Fitzpatrick’s Give Them Grace and fell in love. She captivated me with her incredibly easy-to-read, humorous, yet blunt style of writing, so when I had the opportunity to write a review on her brand new book, Good News for Weary Women, I couldn’t refuse!

And the timing couldn’t have been better! Good News for Weary Women was both refreshing and convicting, leaving me with a lot to contemplate, and a heightened sense of gratitude for the work of Christ.

In our fast-paced society, it is easy to become weary. We struggle under burdens we pile on ourselves, constantly comparing ourselves to others, trying to see how we measure up, desperately hoping for some relief from the striving, the trying-hard, the suffocating behind our facades of having it all together.

NEWS FLASH: None of us have it together, and we never will.

Like it or not, we simply cannot control our lives. Sure we have responsibility, we have choices to make, but ultimately, it is God, in His Providence, who orchestrates our lives, all for our good and His Glory.

So the weeks when you spend hours on the phone trying to fix your unresponsive computer? When you feel like you can never make it through that growing to-do list? When you are sitting in the intensive care waiting room, wondering if your loved one will make it through an eight hour surgery okay? When you are pinching pennies until the scream? When your heart breaks as you watch a loved one lose their memory to Alzheimer’s? When you just don’t know how to be brave and pursue your dreams?

That is when we need to remember the Gospel, and like Elyse Fitzpatrick reminds us over and over again in Good News for Weary Women, our justfication through Christ is complete. We don’t have to struggle through the days, wondering if we are doing enough, measuring up, becoming more weary by the moment. We can actually begin to embrace the joy of who God created us to be, to learn to love how He so wisely designed and gifted us, unbound by the endless rules we so often create for ourselves.

We can rest in the beautiful fact that our standing before God is not impacted by how many organic, from-scratch meals we fix a day, whether we wear jeans or jumpers, whether we have tattoos or not, whether we listen to a capella hymns or pop music. And when we stop comparing ourselves to others, we can love them for who they are, no matter how different they are from us.

We as Christians, particularly Christian women, need to shake off the bad, unbiblical advice we get, whether it is from the church or the world, and fix our eyes on Jesus, who has already justified us by His work on the cross. It is finished. Our job is not to earn good standing with God– we have the free gift of Grace we never deserved, and never will, and Christ’s sacrifice was complete, and no matter how much it hurts our pride, He doesn’t need our help!

I am so thankful for Elyse Fitzpatrick’s timely message in Good News for Weary Women. I highly recommend it, and give it an “A+”.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the Tyndale Blogger Network. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.






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