Review of “Just Do Something”


While I knew who Kevin DeYoung was, I had never read any of his books, that is until I had several friends recommend the same book: Just Do Something. 

It is a small book, only 128 pages long, but I found it to be a fascinating, easy read. DeYoung has a wonderful, balanced, liberating, and Biblically-sound approach to finding God’s Will and decision making.

“When the theme of the book [of Judges] is ‘everyone did what was right in his own eyes’, we should think twice before copying whatever practices or attitudes we find in its chapters.”

Throughout the book I was both convicted and excited. DeYoung is a captivating author who makes you look at situations from new perspectives, and will have you chuckling in nearly every chapter!

“Obsessing over the future is not how God wants us to live, because showing us the future is not God’s way. His way is to speak to us in the Scriptures and transform us by the renewing of our minds.”

Just Do Something is one of the most freeing and encouraging books I have ever read, as you come away motivated to seek God’s guidance and take risks for the Glory of God. There is something deeply motivational in realizing that God has given us the freedom to make decisions and enjoy our uniqueness, all while bringing glory to God.

“Men, if you want to be married, find a gal, treat her right, talk to her parents, pop the question, tie the knot, and start making babies.”

I found Just Do Something to be extremely helpful. It is a wonderful encouragement to not live your life in paralyzing fear of failure or disappointing others: seek God’s guidance, get busy, and, as the title says, Just Do Something! Definitely worth reading. I would give the book an “A”.

Have you read the book? If so, what are your thoughts?


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  1. “Just Do Something” was recommended to me as well. Initially, I thought I had a good grasp of how God’s will works, but as I read this small book, I was surprised to find I had been applying God’s will incorrectly in certain (decision making) areas of my life. It wasn’t that the information was new to me. But it was given from a perspective I had never considered before. So if you are like me and think you don’t need to read this book, you should go pick up this book and read it!

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