Review of “Crazy Love”



For several years I have heard about Francis Chan’s books, particularly Crazy LoveIt wasn’t until I read David Platt’s Follow Me, with a forward by Francis Chan, that I decided I should really find one of his books. Thankfully, my local library had a copy of Crazy Love, and I began reading.

I was completely unprepared for what I found. Crazy Love is a challenge to the ‘American Dream’ view of Christianity, and an encouragement to break free from the status quo and seek an authentic faith, a faith filled with deep intimacy with God.


Throughout the book I felt like I was having a bucket of cold water poured over my head. Crazy Love is Chan’s wake-up call to a slumbering and paralytic church, inspiring and convicting all at once.

One theme throughout Crazy Love is do not assume you are good soil. Just because you go to church on Sunday and tithe doesn’t make you a Christian. What distracts us from Christ? What prevents us from being in love with Jesus?

I came away from Crazy Love encouraged to seek a passionate relationship with Christ, focusing on what He has for me to do, whatever or wherever that may be. I would highly recommend Crazy Love to anyone, and would give the book an “A”.




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