Review of “Why Isn’t A Pretty Girl Like You Married?”


Often when someone asks me if I have a special gift I would like, my answer is typically “books”. My Mamma knows me quite well, and last year for St. Valentine’s Day I she gave me a copy of Nancy Wilson’s Why isn’t a Pretty Girl like you Married? (along with a copy of Breakfast at Tiffany’s starring Audrey Hepburn).

“Your first duty and calling as a Christian is to love and serve Him with a whole heart all your life.”

The book is small, a mere 120 pages, so it didn’t take long to read, and I decided recently to re-read it again. I can assure it was just as good the second time around!

“God has given women many gifts, talents, and abilities; so use them.”

Why isn’t a Pretty Girl like you Married? is a humorous, yet theologically-sound, look at some of the awkward questions and uncomfortable situations single (or unmarried, as the author prefers) women face.

“Good doctrine protects us from all kinds of errors and all kinds of fears.”

Addressing issues as varied as careers, modesty, homemaking, and happiness, Wilson offers encouragement, practical advice, and concerned criticism for unmarried women in the church.

“If you want God to provide you with a husband, you have to consider whether you are the kind of woman that the kind of man you want to marry would want to marry.”

I found Why isn’t a Pretty Girl like you Married? to be immensely helpful, aiding me in re-aligning my perspectives and priorities. I would highly recommend it to all Christian women who are unmarried and desire to follow and glorify God with their lives. Overall, the book was well-written, succinct, and Biblical. I would give the book an “A”.


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