Review of “Dewey: There’s A Cat in the Library!”


For several years now, I have heard snippets of the story of a library in Iowa that has a resident cat in the library. I found the stories to be fascinating, as books and cats are two of my very favorite things in life!

One day while at my local library, I happened to find Dewey: There’s A Cat in the Library! and knew it was going in my stack to carry home.

“On the coldest night of the year, someone left a strange surprise… A tiny kitten.”

And so begins the endearing tale of a kitten left in the drop box of a library and discovered by a kindly librarian. The librarian bathed him and named him Dewey Readmore Books, and kept him as the library cat.

Like all kittens, he played and got into everything, from book carts to file drawers!

“There’s a cat in the library!”

Such was the reaction of every child that came to the library. Because, really, what child isn’t fascinated by a kitten?

Dewey the Library Cat took it as his mission to help people, and so whatever the people did, he did it with them.

“Silly always works!”

Finally, Dewey found a little girl that he couldn’t help, and he couldn’t cheer up… until he was silly and made her laugh!

“It felt… purr-fect!”

Overall, I found Dewey: There’s a Cat in the Library! to be a cute and hilarious book, that would be enjoyed by readers of all ages, but especially by younger audiences who will particularly  enjoy Steve James’ beautiful illustrations. I would give the book a “B”.

Have you read the book? If so, what are your thoughts?


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