Review of “Bill and Pete”


Written in 1978, Bill and Pete a delightful story set on the banks of the River Nile.

“William Everett Crocodile lived on the banks of the River Nile with his mama.”

And so we are introduced to William Everett, and we join him for a hilarious adventure! Everett, along with his toothbrush named Pete, goes to school, but he has a difficult time spelling his name, so he begins to go by Bill.

However, the adventure begins when Bill and Pete begin to frequent the River Nile, where Bill is caught by the Bad Guy from Cairo. Will Bill escape? Will Bill be made into a suitcase? Will he ever see his mama again?

“Poor Bill! He was on his way to Cairo. All he could think about was suitcases.”

Bill and Pete is a cute and funny little book that reminds us how important it is to be aware of what is going on around us, but it also reminds us to be brave and overcome. I found myself laughing at the ending!

I would warn parents, however, that there is an illustration of a man in just a towel, and also an illustration from the back of a man running, having dropped the towel. Other than this, it is a wonderful little book! I would have to give  Bill and Pete a “B”.

Have you read the book? If so, what are your thoughts?


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