Review of “Now One Foot, Now the Other”


A companion to last week’s Nana Upstairs and Nana DownstairsTomie de Paola’s Now One Foot, Now the Other is a beautiful story of a young boy’s loving friendship with his grandfather.

We follow the story from the time of Bobby’s birth, through the many adventures he shares with his Grandfather, Bob.

“Bobby was named after his best friend, his grandfather, Bob.”

The two were close friends, sharing many special joys together, until one day Bobby comes home to find out that his “Bob” has had a stroke. Bobby feels lost without his grandfather, but it only gets worse when his grandfather returns home, and doesn’t remember him.

“Bobby was scared. His grandfather didn’t remember him. He just lay in bed.”

Finally, one day Bobby is convinced his grandfather did recognize him! Excited, Bobby begins to do some of the things he and his grandfather had done together before.

As his grandfather’s health began to improve, Bobby would let him lean on his shoulders, and help him learn how to walk again.

“Now one foot, now the other. And before you knew it…”

I have enjoyed this precious book about a grandfather and grandson’s love and friendship for many years. I have been impressed over and over again with the tenderness Tomie de Paola uses to describe not only the relationship Bob and Bobby share, but also the subject of Bob’s stroke.

Overall, I believe the book to be a delightful story for children of all ages! I would give the book an “A”.

Have you read the book? If so, what are your thoughts?


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