Review of “A Promise Kept”



Several years ago for Christmas, my Dad gave my Mamma a small little book, just 90 pages, which on the cover purported to be “an unforgettable love story”. Well, anyone who knows me knows that while I don’t mind books that have “love stories” mixed in, I am not one who typically goes for ‘romance’ books.

However, as I was recently putting books on our new bookcases, I stumbled upon the little book, and was intrigued by the cover, flipped the book over and saw on the back that it said “Joy is found in a promise kept”. And since Joy is my word for 2013, I decided to give it a chance.

I am so glad I did! From the very first chapter I was hooked.

“We would trust the Lord to work a miracle in Muriel if he so desired or work a miracle in me if he didn’t.”

The book follows the true story of a man and his wife after she is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, recounting how he completely rearranged his life to care for his sick wife, to love her and be faithful to her- even when she didn’t even know who he was. I was touched as I read of his devotion, dedication, and desire to care for her, taking seriously his vow to care for her in sickness or in health.

“It’s the nearest thing I’ve experienced on a human plane to what my relationship with God was designed to be: God’s unfailing love poured out in constant care of helpless me.”

I was so convicted as I read this man’s testimony to his love for his wife. It made me stop and ask myself, Am I willing to serve someone selflessly like that? Am I willing to set aside my life, my dreams, my plans to do what God puts before me? Am I willing to love someone that truly, that strongly?

“Only the ones who says no to self-interest for Christ and the gospel cause can ever find the treasure of true life–freedom and fulfillment in Christ.”

Overall, I found this to be a wonderful little book, a book that encouraged, yet also convicted! I would highly recommend it, and would have to give it an “A”.

Have you read the book? If so, what did you think?


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