Isn’t a lovely place?

To me there is just no place like a home. Sure, I love to travel, but there is just something magical about stepping through the door into your very own home.

The smell of candles burning, cookies baking, coffee brewing.

The cushy chairs, piled with pillows, begging to be curled up in.

The stacks of books everywhere, hardcovers and softcovers, mysteries and theology, old and new. Books, wonderful books.

Ah, there is nothing like a good stack of books.

Unless it is two stacks of books, or three…

That’s why I started the nerdy bookworm. Because I admit that I’m a bibliophile, and that I could spend way too much time, not to mention money, in a bookstore, and I’m that weird girl who is hunting for a candle that smells like books. And because I love books, I love talking about books! So expect reviews, recommendations, and my current book lists.

Pour yourself a cup of tea, pile up in your favorite comfy chair, and surround yourself with books.

Open the Wonder!

2 responses to “home

  1. Popping by from the Inspired Bloggers Facebook group to say hello! I’m looking forward to reading your book posts.

    And where in the world do you buy candles that smell like books? That sounds like something I would love.

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